Japanese Tree Peony

The price is wholesale price for more than 1,000 plants based on name.

Standards: 3-4 years old, 1 stem/plant; 2-3 stems/plant, 15-45cm high.

Sample & package
  Bare roots Packaged with moss and film Packaged into cartoon
Name Character Quantity Photos FOB USD 
The price should be negotieted based on the quantity

Dao jin

(Island Brocade)

Anemone-crown form. Flowers 16cm7cm, Multi-coloured. Flowers lateral. Flowering midseason.   Growth fairly vigorous, flowers normal. 20000

3.9$/ 1 stem


Jin zhi


Crown form , golden colour, flower big and many, flowering late. 20000

3.9$/ 1 stem


Jin ge


Crown form , golden colour, flowers many and upright, blooming later. growth vigorous. 15000

3.9$/ 1 stem


Hai huang

(High noon

Rose form, flowers many and big, growth vigorous. Bloom two times in spring and autumn. 30000

3.9$/ 1 stem


Ming Xiang

(red star)

Crown-anemone form. Flowers 15cm6cm,first yellow, Flowers upright .Flowering middle.      Growth vigorous. 10000

3.3$/ 1 stem


Hei Bao
(black tiger )

Crown-globular form. Flowers 18cm7cm,light dark. Flowering midseason. Growth medium, flowers upright. 10000

3.9$/ 1 stem


Ri Yue Jin

(Sun & Moon)

Crown-globular form. Flowers 17cm8cm,light yellow. Flowering midseason. Growth medium, flowers upright. 10000

3.1$/ 1 stem


We insure all the plants can bloom in the next year, and true to name.