purple black white yellow green multi-colored pink pinkish blue
Zi Er Qiao(Luo Yang Hong) 
Rose-chrysanthemum form.Flowers 16cm6cm,purplish red,lustrous.Stalks fairly long,stiff.Flowers upright.Flowering midseason.Growth vigorous,flowers many.
Shou An Hong 
Crown form.Flowers 15cm10cm,deep purplish red.Stalks stout,stiff,flowers upright.Flowering late midseason.Plant tall,erect.Growth vigorous,flowers many.
Wu Long Peng Sheng 
Hundred proliferate form.Flowers 16cm6cm,purplish red,lustrous.Stalks fairly long,flowes upright or lateral.Flowering midseason.Growth vigorous,flowers many.
Zhuang Yuan Hong
Crown form.Flowers 15cm6cm,purplish red.Flowers upright or lateral.Flowering midseason.Growth vigorous.
Da Zong Zi
Rose form.Flowers 17cm7cm,purplish red.Stalks long,straight,flowers upright.Flowering midseason.Growth vigorous,flowers many.
Cang Zhi Hong
Crown form.Flowers 16cm7cm,purplish red,lustrous.Flowers hidden among the leaves.Flowering very early.Growth vigorous,flowers many,tolerant of diseases.
Cong Zhong Xiao 
Chrysanthemum form.Flowers 14cm5cm,light red.Flowers upright.Flowering midseason.Growth vigorous,flowers many.
Hong Tu 
Hundred proliferate form.Flowers 17cm5cm,light red.Flowers hidden among the leaves.Flowering midseason.Growth vigorous,flowers many.
Hu Hong 
Crown form.Flowers 16cm7cm,light red.Flowers upright or lateral.Flowering late.Branches fairly stout.Growth vigoros,flowers many.
Luo Han Hong
Lotus-crown form.Flowers 16cm6cm,light red.Stalks stiff.Flowering late midseason.Growth vigorous.
Tao Hong Xian Mei
Crown proliferate form.Flowers 13cm6cm,pinkish red.Flowers lateral.Flowering early.
Shan Hu Tai 
Crown form.Flowers 15cm10cm,light red.Flowers upright,Flowering midseason.Growth vigorous,flowers manym,neatform,each individual long-lasting.
Ying Luo Bao Zhu
Crown proliferate form.Flowers 15cm8cm,light red.Flowers upright.Flowering midseason.Growth medium.
Yin Hong Qiao Dui
Rose-chrysanthemum form.Flowers 15cm5cm,light red.Stalks fairly long,stiff,flowers upright.Flowering midseason.Growth vigorous,flowers many,very adaptable,resistant to diseases.
Zhou Ye Hong 
Crown form.Flowers 14cm5cm,light red.Flowers upright.Flowering midseason.Flowers many.
Fei Yan Hong Zhuang 
Hundred proliferate form.Flowers 16cm6cm,red.Flower lateral.Flowering midseason.Growth vigorous,flowers many.
Ying Ri Hong
Hundred proliferate form.Flowers 17cm6cm,red.Stalks long,straight,flowers upright.Flowering early.Growth vigorous,flowers many.
Ying Hong
Hundred  proliferate form.Flowers 18cm6cm,red.Stalks stiff,flowers upright.Flowering midseason.Growth medium,flowers many.
Hong Zhu Nu
Crown form.Flowers 15cm6cm,red.Flowers lateral.Flowering early midseason.Growth medium,flowers many.
Shi Ba Hao 
Hundred proliferate-chrysanthemum form.Flowers 20cm8cm,red.Stalks stout,long,flowers upright.Flowering midseason.Growth vigorous,flowers many.
Yu Ji Yan Zhuang 
Chrysanthemum-lotus form.Flowers 18cm5cm,red,bright and lustrous.Flowers upright.Flowering late midseason.Growth medium,flowers many.
Zhi Hong 
Hundred proliferate form. Flowers 16cm6cm,magenta,smooth.Flowers lateral.Floweirng midseason.Growth vigorous,flowers many.
purple black white yellow green multi-colored pink pinkish blue

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